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If you own a boat, chances are it's your favorite toy, so why not make that toy even more special? Perhaps your boat is suffering from the common Gelcoat fade... you know where that midsection stripe is a dull memory of itself. Freshen it up like new with vinyl, a better alternative to paint. At Wrap iT Signs not only do we do boat graphics and wraps, but we also love boating too! So we get it.

Boats bring in to play other obstacles and challenges when it comes to wraps and graphics. At Wrap iT Signs we have learned the tricks and proper techniques to get a lasting boat wrap. We exclusively use 3m vinyl for our marine applications and boat wraps, and we can walk you through proper maintenance to keep that wrap lasting for years.

Recreational Toys

More than just boats, we can put graphics on just about anything. Whether you are looking to trick out that Jetski, or put some custom decals on that Motorcross bike we can help.

For you wakeboarders out there, ask us about custom automated Ballast installs for surfing or wakeboarding. We have the know-how to get you that perfect wake at the push of a button.

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These days boat wraps and graphics are a clever way to showcase and advertise one’s business. We at Wrap It help you to grab all the necessary attention for your business you have been waiting for. In simple words, boat graphics wrap is a custom-designed wrap for your boat. This will definitely make your boat look unique on the water. The other main reason for using boat wrap is to protect one’s much-loved boat’s paint. It is a kind of investment which will yield higher resale value in the future for the same boat.

 Reasons to Pick Boat Wraps and Graphics

There are many hidden benefits which can probably compel you to opt for boat wraps and graphics from WrapIt.

1. Low-Cost Wraps

Well, it is true; the cost of having a boat wrapped would cost a person as much as one-third of the price of painting a boat. Also, it is surely a quality covering to keep your favorite boat protected and unique.

Wall graphics

Wall graphics

2. Easy to Maintain

If you have got your boat securely covered by WrapIt, you need not worry about its maintenance. Even after getting your boat wrapped, you can conveniently wash it adopting the usual washing method. The only thing to be kept in mind is to be cautious while using pressure washer through the edges of the boat.

3. 100% Environment-Friendly

Yes, you read it absolutely right, the boat wraps available at Wrap It is 100% environment-friendly. Therefore, no harm would be caused to nature.
Wrap It wraps everything including boats

It is not just limited to boats, be it any recreational object and we are here to wrap it or add graphics to it. WrapIt has the experience of more than 15 years in this industry.


If you are pondering over the decision of getting your boat wrapped then Wrapit is the one-stop solution for you. Protect your boat in the most unique way.

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